Dolphins, Seahawks game should be a good one to watch


The Miami Dolphins will try and build on their up and down year when they play the Seahawks this week. The game will be played at Miami’s Sun Life Stadium, and is set to kickoff at 1 PM ET on FOX. Miami is currently 4-6 while the Seahawks come into the game at 6-4. Seattle hopes to earn a playoff appearance, but really need this win to make that dream a reality. The Dolphins certainly will not make it easy on them, but have lately had issues moving the ball.

The Dolphins last game ended in a 19-14 loss to the Bills in Buffalo. One week prior to that, they were destroyed by the Titans at home 37-3. Their last win was all the way back in week 8 against the Jets in New York. Reggie Bush and Ryan Tannehill have both struggled offensively to get wins for their teams. The defense has also had their ups and downs, and the team certainly has many pieces to get into place before they are an NFL talking point.

The Seahawks, on the other hand, continue to find ways to slip into the post-season. They have a very strong defense and a great running game behind running back Marshawn Lynch. Rookie QB Russell Wilson also has impressed the best football minds in the country. His numbers are not jaw-dropping, but he gets wins and is great late in games. This team certainly is a playoff caliber team, but needs to win games like this one Sunday to prove their worth.


Miami will host the Tennessee Titans Sunday at 1pm


The 4-4 Miami Dolphins will play the 3-6 Tennessee Titans this Sunday at 1 PM ET. The game will be played at Miami’s Sun Life Stadium and will be a possible turning point for a Miami team that has showed some very promising moments this season. They are still in a race for the division, but really need this win Sunday. They have had some good success with rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill who has the second best record among rookie QBs behind Andrew Luck.

The Dolphins are coming off of a week 9 loss to the Colts in Indianapolis. The team fought hard and nearly won the game, which ended 23-20 in favor of Indy. Miami has taken advantage of their strong defense while the offense has done just enough to get by. The team, defensively, gives up just 83 yards a game rushing and has averaged just 18.6 allowed per game this season.

Tennessee has struggled in the area of defense, which has made them suffer most of their losses. They give up 415 yards a game, which includes nearly 150 yards a game on the ground. The team has also given up an average of 34 points a game to this point of the year as well. That certainly will not win many games, but may land them on the wrong side of the record books. Sunday should be a chance for the Dolphins to really try and show they belong in playoff conversations even if their opponent is not the greatest foe.

Dolphins score 30 points against Jets


The Miami Dolphins scored 30 points in last Sunday’s victory over the New York Jets. What made this more impressive was the fact that they were able to do this in New York. Even more amazing, however, may be the fact that this win was possible despite their rookie starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill getting injured. Despite this, backup Matt Moore was able to come in and guide his team to victory. The game final was 30-9.

The Dolphins scored ten points in each of the first two quarters while allowing 0 to the Jets offense. Ryan Tannehill was just 2 of 5 for 18 yards before leaving the game to injury. Matt Moore came in and did an admirable job replacing him. He completed 11 of his 19 passes for 131 yards and a touchdown while throwing no interceptions. The team also had just over 100 yards rushing between two backs. Given these low offense numbers, it is amazing that they got such a lopsided win. This is especially true when you know they had gained just 236 total yards.

The New York Jets, in comparison, gained 363 total yards in Sunday’s game. The teams lone score came from a touchdown pass from Mark Sanchez to Schilens in the 4th quarter. Sanchez completed 28 of 54 passes for 283 yards and a touchdown, but threw one pick. The team also rushed for 105 yards. This game was a perfect example of how statistics can be overrated. Thankfully, for Miami, their bad stats still translated to a win.

Which rookie QB will succeed?


The Miami Dolphins will meet the Indianapolis Colts in a very intriguing matchup of rookie QBs this Sunday. Miami will come into the game behind rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill while the Colts will have 1st overall selection Andrew Luck under center. Both teams are all knotted up with 4-3 records and need a win to stay in the hunt in their division. The game will be played at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indiana. To this point in the season, both signal callers have led their team well and have pretty solid numbers.

Ryan Tannehill has completed 120 of his 203 passes for nearly 1500 yards. He has just 4 TD passes on the year, but has thrown 6 interceptions. He has also ran one TD in this season. The Dolphins last game last week was a very convincing one in New York against the Jets. There, they were able to dominate the Jets to pick up a 30-9 victory. Miami and Tannehill, however, have relied heavily on their run game while the Colts have had more luck in the passing game.

Indianapolis has gotten nearly 2000 yards from Andrew Luck who has completed 160 of his 288 passes. He has 8 passing TDs and has added 3 on the ground. Luck has thrown 8 interceptions to this point of the season. In the Colts last game week 8, they defeated the Tennessee Titans 19-13 in Tennessee. Miami does present a big challenge as they play solid team defense, but the story of the day will be the rookie QBs.



Miami looking to get third win against the Rams

The 2-3 Miami Dolphins will face the 3-2 St. Louis Rams on Sunday in Miami. The teams will face at 1 p.m. at Sun Life Stadium and should present a very close football game that features strength versus strength. Miami comes into the game with an offense that has shown some explosive ability behind running back Reggie Bush and receiver Brian Hartline. Meanwhile, the Rams have been stifling defensively as they give up few big plays or points to opposing teams.

The Dolphins come into this week 6 matchup after narrowly beating the Bengals last week 17-13. They did do this in Cincinnati, however, which is pretty impressive considering the Bengals are a team many can see going to the playoffs. The Dolphins have had some tough games this season and could easily have a bit better record. They seem to just need to put together a game that gets consistency from all phases of their team including the defense and special teams.


The Rams will come into the week’s game very refreshed as they have not taken the field since last Thursday when they faced the Cardinals. They were able to hand Arizona their first loss of the season as they nearly shutout the Cardinals 17-3 in that game. This was thanks mainly to the Rams defense that features two kids with famous dads in defensive lineman Jake Long and linebacker James Laurinaitis. Long’s father is legendary Raider Howie Long who is now an NFL Analyst while Laurinaitis’ father was one of the WWF’s road warriors. We will have to see if this combination will have enough in their tank to get a win on the road and try to propel the Rams into playoff talk.

Brian Hartline, new number 1 receiver?


The Miami Dolphin’s wide receiver, Brian Hartline, came up in a big way in week 4 of the NFL season. The new possible number 1 receiver for the team hauled in 12 passes for 253 yards and 2 touchdowns in the game. He averaged 21 yards a catch and could not be covered against a Cardinals defense that ultimately did go on to win the game 24-21. Hartline, thanks in large part to that game, now leads the NFL in yards with 455 yards receiving.

This success has caused some talk of trade negotiations for Hartline who has not asked, but seems to be getting quick credit for his contributions. More amazingly, Hartline has done so well despite missing the preseason. Hartline missed with a calf injury, but had even bigger problems before the calf issues. This is due to the fact that Hartline had to get his appendix removed prior to preseason and had many complications from that surgery. Despite all, he has rose from the ashes and produced.

Time will tell if Hartline will continue to progress as a receiver and just how much money may be coming his way. If he can continue to show what he has then you can assume he can possibly get number 1 receiver money. Hartline does not possess great size or strength, but is quick and has an ability to find soft spots in the zone. He can get open and makes catches rather then drops. Hopefully his season will end up with a nice Cinderella story with a big contract.

Dolphins travel to Ohio to face the Bengals

The Dolphins will face the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday in Ohio. The Dolphins will bring a 1-3 record to the game while the Bengals sit at 3-1 in a tie for the lead in their division. The game will be played at 1PM at Paul Brown Stadium as the Bengals return home after a week 4 victory when they had to travel to Florida to play against the Jaguars. Miami now has to make the long trip from Florida, and are coming off a loss to the Cardinals in Arizona.


Miami has certainly has some “hard knocks” this season as they try and find an identity to their football tean. Rookie QB Ryan Tannehill has shown glimpses of what he can be. Meanwhile Reggie Bush seems to have put in some serious work over the offseason as he appeared reinvented when the season began. He suffered a more minor injury that scared many and can help the team advance in the passing game as teams will have to plan against his strong rushing attack. Unfortunately, it is yet to help produce wins.


The Bengals continue to show that young teams can have early success. Using a rookie QB and WR last season, the Bengals made it to the playoffs. AJ Green and Andy Dalton continue to make plays and have the team making another run for the playoffs. This latest game should be another step in that playoff chance, but in the NFL it is any given Sunday.


Dolphins look to get first win

The Dolphins will travel to California to take on the Oakland Raiders Sunday at 1 p.m. The Dolphins are coming off a bad loss against the Houston Texans who beat Miami handedly last Sunday. The Raiders were equally, if not more, embarrassed following their Monday night loss against the Chargers. Both teams played overall bad games and had little to come away with in their contest. This should make this matchup an interesting one that could go wither way.

Miami probably has less to brag about considering they gained just 275 yards last week. The team also scored only 10 points, and seven of these came on a fluke punt return. Miami could not run nor pass the ball and recorded less than 200 yards passing and less than 100 yards rushing. It was certainly not the beginning Ryan Tannehill had hoped for in his rookie debut, but he must show that he can grow from it and beat an easier foe in Oakland.


Oakland will have plenty to prove also, after staying in a game with San Diego all Monday night just to have things fall apart in the kicking game. The team was matching San Diego blow for blow, but two bad long snaps to the punter and a blocked punt changed all of that and gave San Diego a much easier win. Oakland did pass well gaining 275+ yards through the air, but failed to get the run game going. Both teams have significant issues, but it will be interesting to see what teams will come into play more this Sunday.



Marlins get win Against Phillies

The Miami Marlins won 9-2 against the Philadelphia Phillies on Wednesday in Miami. The team is now just 53-65 on the season and improves to 29-31 at home. Miami showed some flashes this season especially early, but quickly faded. They came out with all the pizazz and flair of a siesta and were energized by their new stadium and uniforms. In the offseason they will have to find a way to get the stands filled and getting more talent should certainly help that.

The Marlins got their 9 runs on Wednesday from 11 hits. One of those hits was a homerun off the bat of Dobbs who hit his fourth of the season. The team started off slow and did not get a run across until the fourth inning when they scored 2. They later went off in the 8th to score 6 runs and cruise to victory. Buehrle pitched well enough and was able to get his 10th win of the season, which brings his overall record to 10-11.

The Phillies fall to 54-63 with the loss and are now 28-30 in away games this season. Their two runs came between the 5th and sixth inning off of 5 total team hits. Wigginton hit his 10th homer for the Phils in one of those innings and the team used this offense to tie the game in the top of the 6th. They quickly lost the lead in the bottom of that inning, however, and never got back into the swing of things. The loss was credited to Halladay who is aging and is just 6-7 this season.

Marlins Lose to Atlanta

The Marlins fell to the Braves on Thursday in an NL East battle in Atlanta. The Braves ended up on top with a 6-1 final. The Mets got off to a horribly slow start and never looked back. Starting pitcher Eovaldi pitched terribly and gave up runs early in the contest. Eovaldi is quickly looking like one of the worst starting pitchers in the league. He has been very ineffective and has been of no help to the Mets measly record. They find themselves at the bottom of the NL East while the Braves are fighting for first in the NL East and currently have a wildcard spot they are trying to make sure to hold onto.


The Marlins have had some success in this their first big year of change. They are in a new home and have some talent, but must continue to find pieces to a puzzle that is missing parts. Pitching may be one area to look into further. Eovaldi has simply not played like a starter and is just 2-7 this season. The Braves were able to get all their runs in the first 2 innings of the game Thursday while the Mets had no answers offensively. The Mets are now just 48-57 on the season and fall to just 21-30 at home.

The Braves got 10 hits in all Thursday with most of them coming in the first 2 innings when they put up their 6 runs. Chipper Jones and Freddy Freeman got the team started early getting some RBIs and the rest was history. Martinez pitched very well for Atlanta and is now 5-2 overall on the year. The Braves, as a team, improve to 60-45.